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Staying Informed

I find fantastic information and interesting articles related to web/graphic design here. This site helps me stay informed on my field.


Getting Inspired

I find inspiration in things I love. The thing I love most is excellent swiss watchmaking, and the resultant fine timepieces.


Gathering Resources

I'm a typography enthusiast, always searching for that perfect type to tie together my work. Here are 60 neat fonts.

  • Here is an exciting project i had the privilege to work on with the Realto Group. I was able to use my imagination and let my inner child run wild with this project. The most exciting part of it all was seeing the end result. I Illustrated over 150 letters, numbers, and objects. I used […]

  • The Project Scope Here is a logo design done for a client, who is planning to open up her own acupuncture clinic called Flow. I created an acupuncture needle in indesign to reflect the vibe the client envisioned for her business. I combined the image with type in Indesign CS6 to make the final image […]

  • Project Scope Here I have designed a logo for a family business which releases white pigeons at weddings. The client requested that I incorporate a white pigeon in the logo. I chose to draw out the white pigeon in flight and combined it with a very clean type to create an elegant feel.

  • Project Scope Shown below is a logo designed for the Moraine Valley College track team. The team name is the Trail Blazers, I was asked to make the logo look fast, fun, and simple. I chose to use a illustrated runner with a modern active feel. I then used the schools color to represent and […]

  • Visual design is often the polar opposite of engineering: trading hard edges for subjective decisions based on gut feelings and personal experiences. It’s messy, unpredictable, and notoriously hard to measure.

    — Scott Stevenson